Learning Disability Support

Our Learning disability support aims to enable people living with a learning disability to lead a contributive and independent lifestyle. With the many different levels of functions, we can support a wide spectrum; from helping to create routines and enabling independence to more complex care.

We have helped people to gain more control and choice in their life, and in one case, we have helped a young man to start his own business. Our staff are training specially to help people with learning disabilities to encourage and empower so they can do things for themselves which helps to improve well being and feelings of purpose.

Our support includes help with:

  • daily living routines
  • managing the home and bills
  • attending college or continuing education
  • taking part in community events and socialising
  • taking regular exercise
  • getting a job

If you, or someone you know would like some support in the community, please give our team a call onĀ 020 8367 1155