People we support

We support people with learning disabilities and/or physical disabilities, from young adults to elderly people to live more independently. We believe that it’s important to focus on what people can do, encouraging and enabling as much independence as possible.

We support those with:

• Complex and high acuity needs
• Traumatic brain injuries
• Physical disabilities
• Chronic conditions
• Life limiting conditions
• Multiple conditions, leading to complexities
• Mental health issues
• Learning disabilities, leading to challenging behaviours

Our services can be used with Personal Budgets, Direct Payments, or can be taken privately. Whether you need support at home, help attending college, social events or want to get more involved in the community, we are here to help.

We provide support through:

• Care at home and in supported housing
• Providing supported housing
• Visits from 1 hour to as long as required
• 24 hour/Live in care
• Floating support to help access community activities
• Supported holidays
• Family/respite support
• On Call service

We offer a free support assessment at your home and can involve friends, family and other health professionals that you might need. Call us today to find out more.